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USPS Liteblue ePayroll

USPS LiteBlue ePayroll.

Liteblue ePayroll is a web-based application available to United States Postal Service employees. This online platform offers USPS staff a convenient and secure way of viewing their earnings statements, which are issued every two weeks. Because this is an online service, it is available around the clock.

In addition to viewing their payslips online, USPS staff can use this platform to print out their statements and to access the historical database of payslips, which goes back 40 payment cycles. Moreover, USPS employees can use this service to modify their statement preferences and choose between the paper and the paperless versions.

USPS LiteBlue ePayroll Login.

To log into your USPS online payroll account, you will need to use the company’s ePayroll portal. To do this, open your browser and navigate to

The portal uses a secure login system that requires two pieces of information. These are your Employee Identification Number and your USPS self-service password. You can find your Employee ID in any of your past earning statements – look for an eight-digit number. As for the password, this is the same password you use to access other USPS online services, including LiteBlue and PostalEASE.

Forgotten passwords can be easily reset by clicking on the ‘Forgot your password’ link. Alternatively, you can go to the USPS Self-Service page at to update or reset your password. This page can also be used to set up your password if you don’t have one.

To sign in, all you need to do is enter these login credentials in the fields provided. To avoid login errors, make sure you type in the correct information without leaving spaces between characters and using the correct case, since the input fields are case sensitive. Then, click on the ‘Login’ button.

How to View Your USPS Earnings Statements.

After you successfully log into your USPS ePayroll account, you will be able to see a list of payslips. The portal’s database has been set up to provide access to the last 40 earnings statements covering a period of 40 payment cycles. The statement list will appear in chronological order based on their printed pay date.

From this page, you will also be able to choose and change your statement preferences. USPS employees can have their statements delivered by mail as a paper copy, or view them in their online format. Your current statement delivery settings are shown right above the statement list. If you need to change your settings, click on the ‘Change’ button.

If you wish to view any of your earnings statements, click on the pay date and you will be shown the document in a new browser window. If you want to print out the statement, simply click on the ‘Print This Page’ button located towards the top of the new window.

Additional Pay and Deductions on Earnings Statements.

In addition to basic earnings, USPS staff may receive premium pay, compensation, or allowances that cover equipment maintenance or locality pay. These are considered additional payments and can be viewed online using the USPS ePayroll portal. If you were entitled to additional payments within any given pay cycle, these will appear in the relevant earnings statement under ‘Additional Pay / Other Compensation’.

The USPS ePayroll portal can also be used to view any deductions made to your wages. Some common deductions include taxes on earnings, health care and insurance payments, and social security deductions. If applicable, these will appear under the ‘Additional Pay’ section in the relevant earnings statement.

For each pay cycle, you will be able to see both the total additional pay and deductions, and a breakdown of each individual item, whether it is additional payment or a deduction.

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