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USPS Liteblue Login.

How do I log in to Liteblue USPS?


  1. Visit the LiteBlue USPS Employee Login portal, here.
  2. Below the description, you will find a Login Form. Enter your USPS Employee ID and your USPS Password.
  3. Your USPS Employee ID is your identification number (EIN Number), which you can also find on your income statement or ID card. It’s the number printed above the words “Employee ID” at the top of your earnings statement.
  4. The password is the USPS Self Service Password. If you have not set up your password in the Self Service Profile (SSP) then go here.
  5. Then click on the “Log On” tab.
  6. In case you forgot your Password, click on “Forget Your Password?”

Visit Liteblue.Gov or Support / Feedback

liteblue login

Type in your Employee ID Number (EIN), followed by your USPS Password. Then click on “Log On”. If you have for gotten your SSP Password, click on “Forget your Password” to begin the Password Reset Process.

I Cannot Log In to Liteblue USPS. What is the problem?

If you cannot access your USPS Liteblue employee account, then go through the following troubleshooting steps:

    1. Check that your WIFI connection is working properly, by opening another website in your browser.
    2. Check that the website is UP and working by visiting, and then typing in This will check if the USPS Liteblue login page is working from other locations in the world.
    3. Check that you are entering the right employee information. Your USPS Employee ID should be 8-digits long, and your LiteBlue SSP password should be between 8 and 16 characters long.
    4. Make sure both CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK buttons are turned OFF on your keyboard, if you are using a laptop or a computer. LiteBlue passwords are case sensitive. Check that the password you enter contain both upper and lower case letters.
    5. SSP passwords and ACE passwords are independent, and different, from one another. Also, be aware that your USPS Personal Identification Number (PIN) is used for Self Service IVRs (Interactive Voice Response Systems), and not web services, such as Liteblue.
    6. Check that you have entered the login credentials correctly, without errors. A LiteBlue USPS SSP Password must contain at least one character from 3 of the following 4 categories:

Alphabet letters: a-z (lower case).
Alphabet letters: A-Z (upper case).
Numbers: 0-9.
Special characters: ! @ $ % ^ * _ + ~. No other special characters are allowed.

  1. Try logging in from another internet browser. There are some known issues with and the Opera and Firefox browsers. Try logging in by using, Internet Edge, Internet Explorer or Google Chrome instead. You should also opdate your internet browser to the latest version.
  2. Try logging in from another device, such as another laptop or a mobile phone. No mobile app is avilable for USPS LiteBlue, but your can sign in to your account via your mobile web browser.
  3. Clear your web browsers cache and cookies, or try logging in in “Incognito” or “Private Browsing” mode.
  4. If you still cannot log in to Liteblue, then contact the USPS HR Shared Service Center at 1-877-477-3273, and choose option 5.

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